Radiation Badge Service

The best way is to monitor exposure levels with a dosimeter

Why Radiation Badge Service?

Digital and conventional X-rays produce radiation, which cannot be detected by human senses and even low levels of ionizing radiation from x-ray machines used in dental offices could represent a potential health hazard over time. How will you know if you or your staff is at risk of exposure? The best way is to monitor exposure levels with a dosimeter.

A dosimeter such as the instadose™ dosimeter can address these concerns immediately. Smaller than a flash drive, this dosimeter provides an instant read-out when connected to any computer with internet access. As opposed to other badge services which provide readings on a quarterly basis, the instadose™ dosimeter and service gives you complete control over when and how often you determine your risk.

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Radiation Litigation: Be prepared

For many reasons including heredity, pollution, radiation and other stresses from our modern society, many will eventually get some form of cancer. Currently the natural incidence of cancer in the United States is 1 out of every 3 people. What portion of workers will associate that cancer with the past exposure to ionizing radiation from their work environment? What percentage will initiate litigation? The best way to protect and ensure your future is to utilize cost effective radiation monitors which will provide good records to prove the office environment was within safe and legal limits.

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Protect Your Practice with Radiation Exposure Reports

Our radiation reports provide complete documentation of individual radiation limits and dose amounts. A record of consistently safe exposure levels will prove enormously valuable if a question emerges regarding radiation safety. By monitoring your staff, you can help assure them of a safe working environment while showing them you care about their health and safety.

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The instadose™ service advantage for Your Dental Practice

With an instadose™ dosimeter you can measure your exposure to x-ray and gamma radiation at anytime using any internet enabled computer. This easy-to-use device is the only accredited USB-compatible dosimeter that enables you to measure your radiation dose anytime, as often as you wish.

The instadose™ service advantage includes:

  • Unlimited readings for one low price
  • Re-assign devices online
  • Eliminate the collection and return of badges for processing
  • Ensure a safe radiation work environment

Stay safe at work with this revolutionary new service. Place your order with your dental distributor today or click here to complete our online order form!

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Traditional Radiation Badge Service

Our traditional radiation badge service is provided through passive dosimeters. Passive dosimeters accumulate dose from the time it is first used until the time it is processed. TLD dosimeters are made from one or more thermoluminescent elements that measure cumulative exposure to ionizing radiation. Exchange frequencies range from monthly to quarterly. Subscribers to our service will automatically receive shipments, along with a pre-printed envelope used to send the dosimeters back for processing. Before the end of the frequency subscribers will receive a new set of badges.

Our traditional radiation badge service includes automatic exchange of dosimeters each wear period, processing and analysis of dosimeters, archival storage of exposure results, and standard dosimetry reports with data management, customer service and technical support programs.

Pregnant women are required to be issued a monthly whole body fetal badge for the entire gestation period, which typically is worn over the fetal area. If a lead apron is worn, the badge should be placed under the apron over the fetal area to measure any dose that the apron may have failed to shield. It is recommended that a second dosimeter be worn outside the apron at collar or chest level.

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OSHA Regulations

To view the OSHA standards, Federal Registers (rules, proposed rules, and notices), directives (instructions for compliance officers), standard interpretations (official letters of interpretation of the standards), and other federal standards related to ionizing radiation click here.


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